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Art and History...

Charming hotel is a concept in hospitality that emerged in the late 1990s. He refers to hotels that are located in buildings of historical or cultural value.

Are spaces that are distinguished from other hotels by their historical nature or heritage buildings where they are installed.  Are places full of history and charm, where modern facilities and services are combined perfectly with the tradition and culture of the country or region.

Being Hotel since 1964, at the time opened as a unique hotel in Madeira, of superior quality, and first with 20 rooms and then with 45 rooms from the 60s forward.

Throughout the Hotel Monte Carlo, you will find decorative retro details, architectural beaux arts details , furniture and vintage items, both in the rooms and in the common spaces, coming from the 50 years of history of the Hotel Monte Carlo, as the 100th anniversary of the building, which we try to restore and maintain as long as possible.

 In the corridors are presented copies of documentary photographs of the history of Funchal and Monte Carlo Hotel, belonging to the Vicente’s Photography Museum of, as well as some unique objects that were used in the everyday of the Madeiran people from the beginning of the twentieth century.

We have examples of modern and contemporary paintings from the private collection of the current owners and we are open to collaborate with other exhibition projects of cultural and artistic value.

We are more than happy to do small tours to the Hotel Monte Carlo, explanatory of all its historical and artistic content, to our guests, upon request at the front desk of the Hotel.