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The construction of the main building was made between 1905 and 1910, by the hand of a wealthy Madeiran emigrant, who builds it as a mansion, farm and family home. Due to its placement enjoys a magnificent view over the bay of Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its architecture is known for the revivalism of neoclassical elements such as the pilasters of the central and side facades, columns of the main facade, the curved and rectilinear windows, as well as the neobarroque and rococo decorative motives.

In 1930 after the "Crash of 29" the property is delivered to an English bank, which streamlines as a  meeting and recreation club for British families and residents in the Region. During World War I, and with the support of the British Crown, the main building is adapted to school for the children of the 2400 Gibraltarians who came into exile in Madeira until 1946 approximately.

In 1958 the farm is purchased by a company that initiates an activity accommodation but only in 1964 was opened as Hotel Monte Carlo, with the logo and features still present, construction of the rooftop pool and another attached room complex, as well as an entire remodeling of interiors, furniture, bas-reliefs and rooms, typical of that time and that the majority is still present in the Hotel Monte Carlo, with proper maintenance and restoration. It is at this point that starts the business and quality tourism in Madeira Island, were the Hotel Monte Carlo became one of icons of quality hotels at the time.

In 2008 deserves the honor of being one of the few historic buildings, on the nominations and celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the city of Funchal.

People of the upper classes throughout Europe visited Madeira over the years and opting for the Hotel Monte Carlo, such as aristocrats, artists, businessmen, poets and international politics, either for leisure and inspiration or for work and business, also attracted by the natural beauty and mild climate of the island.

The Monte Carlo is acquired in 1985 by the current owners, keeping their functions in the hotel market uninterruptedly since its opening until today, considered as a small charm hotel, and characterized as a cultural and historical heritage of the city of Funchal and from Madeira.