• crosses museum

    Cruzes Museum– in 200 meters

    “Quinta das Cruzes Museum is one of the farms with greater historical tradition in Funchal Bay, connected to the family of the first captains grantees who performed works in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. The Quinta das Cruzes Museum opened to the public in 1953, joining the initial collection of decorative arts César Filipe Gomes, a collector of Madeira.  Throughout its history The Museum collection enriched with other donations such as John Wetzler. As a  collection of Portuguese and European decorative arts was augmented by various donations and acquisitions until today.” In cultura.madeira-edu.pt

    santa clara convent

    Santa Clara Convent – in 250 meters

    “The 15th Century Convento de Santa Clara was an enclosed order but is now open to visitors. Take a tour of the Gothic cloisters, ornate chapels and nave, which are decorated with azulejos in a striking geometric design. The convent also contains the tomb of Madeira’s founder, João Gonçalves Zarco.” In madeira-web.com


    saint peter church

    Saint Peter's Church – in 300 meters

    “Dating back to the 18th Century, the Igreja de São Pedro took almost 150 years to complete. This lovely church is home to a vast collection of antique paintings, jewellery and furniture, and is adorned with traditional azulejos throughout the interior walls of its nave, chancel and vestry.” In madeira-web.com

    frederico freitas

    Museum-House Frederico de Freitas – in 270 meters

    “Installed in Palace da Calçada, formerly belonging to the Counts of Calçada, and rented from the 40s by Dr. Frederico de Freitas, known collector and lover of the arts. Lawyer and notary, this Madeiran gathered a rich legacy of art pieces that left the region after his death in 1978. In order to expose the collections received, the executive Madeira acquired House of Calçada to transform into a museum. In 1988 he inaugurated the Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas, with precious cores Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Furniture, Ceramics, Glass and Metals.” In cm-funchal.pt

    pico fortress

    Pico Fortress – a 400 metros

    “Opened on May 24, 2011, the garden of Pico Fortress comes revive an urban green area once abandoned, giving it equipment and leisure services, such as a kiosk / terrace, playground, public toilets and also a view over the bay of Funchal. Under the Playground was built a tank for storage of irrigation water taken from the D. Isabel.” In cm-funchal.pt

  • walking


    Madeira Island is known for its magnificent nature and its landscapes. One of the many attractions that the island has to offer are the famous Levadas. The walkings are waterways around the mountain, built by man, with the goal of bringing water from the slopes from the north to the south coast of farmland. Madeira Island is proud to have an extensive network of trails and Levadas, around 200, some with water flows and cascades. From our reception you can book directly the walking you want with transportation  included.

    boat trips

    Boat Trips

    Meet Madeira from its  panoramic sea and coastline. You can also schedule a tour to the Desert Islands, as well as dolphin watching and other specimens of marine fauna of the Pearl of the Atlantic. These boat trips can be made in catamarans, sailing boats, a replica of the Portuguese Nau, among others. You can also schedule a visit to tuna fishing with the professionals of the island a unique experience of fishing tradition of the island. You can view and book all this at our reception.

    bus tours

    Bus Tours

    You can book and enjoy bus tours throughout the island, with programs of full day and half-day, as well as with meal included, departing from the hotel to visit the most typical and beautiful places in Madeira. You can consult and book all this at our reception.

    horse riding

    Horse Riding

    Horseback riding walks can be booked directly at the hotel and with direct transportation from the Hotel included, with a variety of programs for all experiments, all through the Laurissilva (Natural reservation from Madeira), as well as some children's activities in the equestrian educational farm, for a family day out or a  unforgettable horse riding tour.

    botanic gardens

    Botanic Gardens

    You can have all the information about visiting some of the municipal gardens, botanic and orchid gardens, in Madeira, as well as some species of birds and animals kept on these natural gardens, at our reception and consulting room (with free internet and free flyers) Also transport information is available in order for you to enjoy these wonders of nature reserves of flora and fauna of Madeira.

Reception desk services...

Directly at the Reception of the Hotel Monte Carlo, you can choose and book a whole range of services and activities during your stay, in addition to the events that the Monte Carlo Hotel organizes in the Hotel itself throughout the year.

Taxi service and transportation from and to the airport - You can whenever you need, ask for a taxi service at the reception, including picking you up at the airport's at your arrival date, to do so, request this service at the date of your booking (just provide us the your name, date, time and flight number).

Rent a Car - At the Hotel's reception is at your disposal the service and the table of rental cars, motorbikes and bicycles, delivered directly at the Hotel and accompanied by a professional from the rent a car company. The return of the vehicle may be in the hotel or at the airport.

Cultural activities - You can have all the information about the agenda available on the various Museums, concerts and cultural and festive activities taking place on the island of Madeira and Funchal at Our reception and at our internet room (with free internet and free cultural agendas) to enjoy the more artistic, traditional and cultural offer of the region.

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